(Musgrave reveals himself to be the traitor)
Ethan: You told him. You told Davian Lindsey was coming, that's how he knew.
Musgrave: I thought you could get her back. But I wasn't going to let all people, to let Brassel to undo the work I've done. I took action, Ethan. On the behalf of all working families of America, the Army force, the white house. I've had enough of Brassel and his sanctimony. IMF director, he's an affirmative action poster boy. You grabbed Davian like he wanted, then what? Davian is a weed. You cut him down and two more springs he's just like the next day. Arrest him, then what? You use him. Collaborate with him. Then it's Christmas. In 18 hours, the Rabbit's foot will be sent to its Middle East buyer, we've got the Intel to prove that. Then the UN counsil will have an emergency meeting, we're taking a military strike in a week. Then when the sand settles, our country will do what it does best: cleaning-up, infrastructure, democracy wins.
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