(Luther tries to convince Ethan to give up trying to get married while making the facial mask of Davian)
Luther: I'm not proud of it, I'm not happy about it, but I've lived with a woman a few times, and didn't even make it for two years.
Ethan: Thanks for your advice, I guess it is different to you than it is for me, I'm not in the field anymore.
Luther: Oh-Okay, here's a retirement present. [hands him the mask, Ethan puts it on] Our job is always between you and a woman, always.
Ethan: That's not true.
Luther: Dishonesty, a dishonesty that poisons everything.
Ethan: I've got to tell you something.
Luther: Stop talking. This isn't about you, Ethan. Whoever this girl is, you're going to end up messing her life too, don't do it.
Ethan: [Grabs Luther's wrists] Jules and I got married two days ago.
Luther: [pause] Congratulations.
Ethan: Thanks. [applauses come from the hall outside]
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