(In the deleted scene: Extended Vatican Entry. Zhen is trying to enter Vatican City while the guard looking for her name on the guest list)
Guard: Sorry ma'am, your name is not on the list.
Zhen: There's got to be a mistake, I have an appointment with Monsieur Divola today.
Guard: [checks the list again] Sorry, you'll have to turn around.
[Declan runs towards the gate, disguised as a guard and greets the guard at the gate.]
Declan: [whispers to the guard] I've just got my ass handled by Divola's office, She should be on the list. It's my mistake, trust me, don't make it yours.
[Declan comes to Zhen]
Declan: Mrs. Yin Chung?
Zhen: Yes.
Declan: Drive through the gate and turn left. [Opens the gate for Zhen to drive through]
Zhen: [to Declan] You are a sweetheart. [to the guard] You are too.
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