(Luther is examining the microdot Ethan found on the postcard Lindsey sent him)
Luther: It's a microdot. A microdot with nothing on it, this is unusual.
Ethan: Lindsey wouldn't send me a blank microdot.
Luther: I'm telling you, man, this's no image.
Ethan: Maybe you're not looking at the right place.
Luther: Well where the hell am I supposed to look? There's not much square footage to this thing.
Ethan: [walking back and forth] Why would Lindsey send me a blank microdot?
Luther: I don't know. Why would Lindsey send you anything? You were her instructor, not her handler. [Ethan turns and stares at him] Look, I don't mean to cross the line here, but was there something going on between you two? You and Lindsey?
Ethan: Lindsey was like my little sister.
Luther: And you've...never slept with your little sister? [Ethan stares at him again] Look brother, if I don't ask you, who would?
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