Sean Ambrose quotes

If you look at Hunt's operational history, and I have, you'll notice that he invariably favors misdirection over confrontation.

In just a few hours you can be assured of going down in history as the typhoid Mary of Australia. G'day.

Put a sock in it

This is what's known as getting your gun off

You know women, mate. Like monkeys, they are - won't let go of one branch until they've got hold of the next.

You know, that was the hardest part about having to portray you, grinning like an idiot every fifteen minutes.

You're sorry and I'm sorry.

[holds up the anti-virus in front of the infected Nyah] Feel like pleading for your life?

[Ethan approaches him with a knife] Go ahead, Hunt. Use it. It's not a bad way to go. A lot better than the way that bitch is going to die.

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