Pam: Whoo! Nice shot, Maverick!
Kevin: Sweet setup, Iceman.
Denny: [sarcastically] Nice one, Nurse.
Larry: Glenn, Glenn, Glenn. You gotta rush the net on defense. Don't be afraid of the ball.
Greg: It's Greg.
Jack: Huddle up, team. Come on. This is unacceptable.
Bob: He's gotta go for the ball.
Jack: Here's what we gotta do.
Bob: Let's go! We're gettin' cold in here.
Larry: We're gettin' creamed. If Florence Nightingale over here would play defense.
Greg: Larry, I missed one shot.
Larry: It was a big shot.
Jack: Larry, keep floatin' where you are. You're doin' great. Denny, take the deep shots. Greg, nobody's expecting much out of you. If I set you up with the ball, can you jump up and spike it?
Denny: No.
Greg: Yeah. I'd have to be pretty high, but yeah.
Jack: I bet you would, Panama Red.
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