Pam: Wow. Kev.
Jack: Isn't that something?
Pam: That's incredible.
Kevin: Thank you.
Pam: Roses. Deb's favorite.
Kevin: Yes, right.
Pam: It's beautiful.
Jack: The little holes are for candles.
Kevin: Exactly. And then later, they'll collect rainfall. They make a tiny birdbath.
Pam: That's great.
Greg: It's beautiful. What is it?
Kevin: It's an altar. Or you might call it a "ho-puh."
Pam: Isn't that sweet? Wow.
Kevin: I'm gonna take it over to the Byrneses', and tomorrow Robert and Debra will meet beneath it to become man and wife. And later, when they purchase a home, maybe it will grace their garden. Well, that's my sappy, romantic idea. [Chuckles]
Pam: Must have taken forever to build.
Kevin: No, not too bad. About 18 hours. Which isn't bad, considering I carved it all by hand from one piece of wood.
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