Kevin: Are you a homeowner, Greg?
Greg: No, no, I rent.
Kevin: Oh.
Jack: So, things are going real, real well for you, aren't they, eh, Kevo?
'Kevin: Gosh, things have been going so great lately. I got in early on some wireless I.P.O.s, and the stuff just skyrocketed from there.
Greg: Wow.
Kevin: What about you, Greg? What line of work are you in?
Greg: I'm in health care.
Kevin: Yeah, so you know what I'm talking about. There are a lot of Benjamins to be made now with biotech stuff. I don't have to tell you that. How's your portfolio?
Greg: I'd say quite strong.
Kevin: You gotta strike while the iron's hot. Now's the time.
Jack: Greg's a male nurse.
Greg: That's right. Thank you, Jack.
Kevin: Well, that's great. That's great to give something back like that. I'd love to find time to do volunteer work. Just the other day I saw this golden retriever that-- He had like a gimp, and he couldn't really-- It made me feel terrible. I wish there was something I could do.
Greg: Yeah, well, I get paid, but also it feels, you know, good too. So it's kind of an everybody wins. What are you-- You're like a Wall Street trader?
Kevin: An investment guy? No. I mean, I'm willing to be painted with that brush. Yes, that's my day job.
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