Denny: [climbing in the window] Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! What the hell you doing in here?
Greg: Hi! I'm-- I'm Greg, Pam's friend.
Denny: What? Were you just sniffing my boxers, dude?
Greg: No, dude, no. No, no, she said I could come up here, maybe borrow some clothes from you.
Denny: Do me a favor. Close the door.
Greg: Okay.
Denny: Quick. Tell anybody I wasn't here?
Greg: No, they think you're asleep.
Denny: Yeah, so, it's all good. You scared me.
Greg: Dad keeps you guys under a pretty close watch, huh?
Denny: No, it's not that bad. Your little Pamcake's got it a lot worse than I do. Oh! You need some clothes.
Greg: Yes, that would be-- that would be great.
Denny: Glad to hook you up. All right?
Greg: Cool. Like what you done with the crib. [looking at a poster] Oh, L'il Kim. She's phat. [Denny stares at him, confused.] P-H phat.
Denny: Yeah, I think these ought a do it. All right, here you go, chief. All right! Enjoy!
Greg: Thanks a lot, Denny. No problem. Oh, and don't worry about the little covert op, all right? I'll keep it on the lowdown.
Denny: Down low.
Greg: No doubt.
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