Greg: [about the song Puff the Magic Dragon] Great song.
Jack: Yeah, one of my favorites.
Greg: Who would've thought it wasn't really about a dragon, huh?
Jack: What do you mean?
Greg: You know, the whole drug thing.
Jack: No, I don't know. Why don't you tell me?
Greg: Some people think "puff the magic dragon" means to-- They're really, uh-- to smoke-- to smoke-- a marijuana cigarette.
Jack: Well, Puff's just the name of the boy's magical dragon.
Greg: Right.
Jack: Are you a pothead, Focker?
Greg: No! No.
Jack: What?
Greg: No, no, no, no, Jack. No, I'm-- I'm not-- I-- I pass on grass all the time. I mean, not all the time.
Jack: Yes or no, Greg?
Greg: No. Yes. No.
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