Gaylord 'Greg' Focker quotes

I'd better get upstairs...and pay a little visit to the shower fairy.

Sorry, folks. Had to pay a little visit to the urinal fairy.

[on tape] Hello, Jack. Oh, look at that. Nice Jack. Hi. What's that, Jack? What? You're a big, bad C.I.A. man, huh? Did they teach you that [karate chops in front of the camera] in the C.I.A.? They teach you that? Oh, yeah. What's that, Jack? What? Yeah, you thought Puff was just the name of the boy's magical dragon? Uh-huh. Not too quick on the uptake, huh, Jack? Why don't you ask Denny who's puffin' the magic dragon? Not onto that one, huh? Surprising for a big C.I.A. pulse detector. Ooh. Hey, hey, check my pulse on this question, Jack. Do I think you're a psycho? Yes. What? Oh, you like my little gift? What? The Jerusalem what? What? I can't hear you. Jerusalem toodle-oo-poosey, poosley-loo? What? What? Oh, you don't know shit about flowers. What's that? You want me to what? You have another question? Sure. I got one question for you. It's can you deal with that!?

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