Tootie Smith quotes

[singing] I was drunk last night, dear Mother;
I was drunk the night before.
But if you forgive me Mother,
I'll never get drunk anymore.

[learning that the family must move to New York] It'll take me at least a week to dig up all my dolls in the cemetery.

I'd rather be poor if we could only stay here. I'd rather go with the orphalins at the orphalins home.

[to Esther] Did he [Santa Claus] come yet? I've been waiting such a long time. And I haven't seen a thing. How will he know how to find us next year? He's so used to coming here.

[smashing her snowmen] Nobody's going to have them. Not everybody's going to New York. I'd rather kill them if we can't take them with us.

Poor Margaretta!

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