Billy the Limpet: I loved your work, man.
Danny Meehan: Sorry?
Billy the Limpet: I never believed any of the talk. I can't believe it. Here you are. :[takes off his sweater and shows his England jersey with "Meehan" at the back]
Danny Meehan: Cheers.[keeps his distance]
Billy the Limpet: Then you can teach me. Will you teach me, yeah?
Danny Meehan: Teach you what? :[obviously distracted]
Billy the Limpet: All that you know, all them soccer skills. All that. :[shows off his bad football moves]
Danny Meehan: Sorry, mate. Do what?
Billy the Limpet: You know, like the pro's, all that caper. Yeah?
Danny Meehan: I gotta go, but we'll stick a pin in it, all right?[walks away]
Billy the Limpet: Yeah, lovely. We'll stick a pin in it. Lovely.
Doc: Fan club.
Danny Meehan: Bloody stalker.
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