Sephus: [Opening lines of film] Shootin' coal! Shootin' coal!
Hardshell preacher: The Prince of Darkness is upon the land. Now in the Bible his name is Beezlebub, Lord of the Flies. Right now on Earth today his name is Bolshevist! Socialist! Communist! Union man! Lord of untruth, sower of evil seed, enemy of all that is good and pure and this creature walks among us. What are we going to do about it?
Foothill man 1: This your machine? [Indicates the Model T Ford.] Heard it last night, too. It's an offense to the ear.
Foothill man 1: You folks try and keep the noise down you'll do fine. Help yourself to the bird and the rabbit. But if you see any hogs, they's probably ours. We'd appreciate it if you leave them be.
Hill man: Grab his ankles missus, and mind your dress. He's a bleedin' like a stuck pig.
Mrs. Knightes: T'ain't no guns allowed at t'dinner table!
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