[after an unpleasant visit from her parents, Rusty is about to take a lot of drugs]
Gar: [gets a beer from the fridge] If you get wasted off this crap, I'm not gonna sit here and babysit.
Rusty Dennis: [scoffles] You must be confusing me with someone who gives a shit.
Gar: Must be.
Rusty Dennis: [looks at the drugs in her hand and sighs sadly] You know, this just isn't going to work. You're telling me to do things and I'm just gonna end up hating you.
Gar: Oh, come on, baby. You and your old man have been going throught this shit forever. Got to you again, didn't he? Got you ready for another one of those 2-hour screamers. Gets you to the place where I'm gonna through the goddamn wall
Rusty Dennis: [snaps back] Well, go ahead. Then put me through the goddamn wall. Why should you be different than any other guy I've ever been with.
[Gar clonks the beer bottle down on the table and leaves her]
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