Bert quotes

[singing] You've got to grind, grind, grind, at that grindstone / Though childhood slips like sand through a sieve / And all too soon they've up and grown / And then they've flown / And it's too late for you to give.

Winds from the east... Mist comin' in... Like somethin' was brewin', about to begin... Can't put me finger on what lies in store... But I feel what's to 'appen, all 'appened before...!

[about his chalk drawings] Not Royal Academy, I suppose. Still better than a finger in the eye, ain't they?

Here we are, 17 Cherry Tree Lane. Home of George Banks, Esq. Hello, Hello, Hello. Admiral's right, heavy weather brewing at number 17 and no mistake.

What did I tell ya? There's the whole world at your feet. And who gets to see it? But the birds, the stars and the chimney sweeps.

[last lines] Goodbye, Mary Poppins, don't stay away too long.

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