The Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project quotes

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Dr. Matthewson
Lt. Colonel Conroy
Paul Stevens

Hey, Mister, I betcha can't guess what I've got in this box. An atomic bomb.

I never thought I'd say this to anyone, but I have to go get the atomic bomb from out of the trunk of the car.

[to Matthewson] You are what you are, Doctor - a son of a bitch, like the rest of us. Now do what needs to be done.

You mean I'm gonna die because some asshole didn't bring a pair of pliers?

You try to tough it out with them, they'll lock you in a room and throw away the room.

It's the purest plutonium in the universe. Pretty, isn't it?

I happen to have access to one of the sexiest lasers on the eastern seaboard.

Oh, what did you want us to do? Put up a neon sign that says 'Secret Weapons Laboratory'?