The Man Who Wasn't There

The Man Who Wasn't There quotes

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Ed Crane
Freddy Riedenschneider

Ed: Was that a pass?
Creighton Tolliver: Maybe.
Ed: Well you're out of line, mister... way out of line

Ed: Frank.
Frank: Huh?
Ed: This hair.
Frank: Yeah.
Ed: You ever wonder about it?
Frank: Whuddya mean?
Ed: I don't know... How it keeps on coming. It just keeps growing.
Frank: Yeah-lucky for us, huh, pal?
Ed: No, I mean it's growing, it's part of us. And we cut it off. And we throw it away.
Frank: Come on, Eddie, you're gonna scare the kid.
Ed: ...I'm gonna take his hair and throw it out in the dirt.
Frank: What the...
Ed: I wanna mingle it with common house dirt.
Frank: What the hell are you talking about?
Ed: I don't know. Skip it.