Chris Adams quotes

I've been offered a lot for my work, but never everything.

Graveyards are full of boys who are very young and very proud.

Sorry, I'm not in the blessing business.

Once you begin you've got to be ready for killing and more killing, and then still more killing, until the reason for it is gone.

Harry, please don't understand me so fast.

He's a good gun. We aren't going to a church social.

There's no need to apologize. We weren't expecting flowers and speeches.

If he rides in with no idea of the reception we can prepare for him... I promise you, we'll all teach him something about the price of corn.

It's only a matter of knowing how to shoot a gun. Nothing big about that.

I'll tell you what I can do: I can kill the first man who so much as whispers a word about giving up. The very first man, so help me, I'll blow his head off!

The Old Man was right. Only the farmers won. We lost. We'll always lose.

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