George: I'm only going to be getting $8 a week at the law office. You'd be paying more of the expenses than I would.
Fanny: I'd be paying? I'd be paying?
George: Certainly you would. We'd be using more of your money than mine.
Fanny: My money. My money. [She makes a desperate laugh] I've got $28, that's all.
George: $28?
Fanny: That's all. I know I told you I didn't put everything in the Headlight Company, but I did. Every cent, and it's gone...Oh, I know what you're gonna do. [Sobbing] You're, you're gonna leave me in the lurch!
George: I knew your mother wanted me to watch over you, and try and make something like a home for you, and I tried. I tried to make things as nice for you as I could...I walked my heels down looking for a place for us to live. I-I walked and walked over this town. I didn't ride one block on a streetcar.
Fanny: [about the boiler she is leaning against] It's not hot, it's cold. The plumber's disconnected it. I wouldn't mind if they hadn't...I wouldn't mind if it burned me George!
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