Chang quotes

To put it simply, I should say that our general belief was in moderation. We preach the virtue of avoiding excesses of every kind, even including excess of virtue itself...We find in the valley it makes for greater happiness among the natives. We rule with moderate strictness and in return we are satisfied with moderate obedience. As a result, our people are moderately honest, moderately chaste, and somewhat more than moderately happy.

There can be no crime where there is a sufficiency of everything.

It would not be considered good manners to take a woman that another man wanted.

A little courtesy all around helps to smooth out the most complicated problems.

We do not buy or sell or seek personal fortunes because, well, there is no uncertain future here for which to accumulate it.

In fact, Shangri-La is Father Perrault.

It is quite common here to live to a very ripe old age, climate, diet, and mountain water you might say, but we like to believe it is the absence of struggle in the way we live.

Age is a limit we impose upon ourselves.

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