Tony quotes

[after Skip comes and slaps Tony across the face with his burger] Dude, he took my burger.

Gabrielle: Hey! You totally blew me away!
Jay: What? You wanna blow me? [the Z-Boys laugh]
Gabrielle: [as she's being pulled away by her friend] Maybe!

Sid: [the Z-Boys want to drain and skate Sid's pool] No way, my dad said "Sid, are you high?"
Jay: Tell him we'll fill it back up when we're done.
Sid: He said if you got hurt, you'd sue us.
Jay: We're not gonna sue you.
Sid: He said your parents would.
Stacy: Our parents can't even afford lawyers.
Tony: Hey, let me talk to him.
Sid: Sorry, the only Mexicans my father talks to push lawn-mowers.

Stacy: Skip called me bro!
Kathy: Skip called you bro?>
Stacy: Yeah, he said bro!
Kathy: No, he didn't.
Stacy: Yes, he did. He said you look hungry, bro.
Kathy: He said you look hungry, bro?
Stacy: Yes, totally!
Kathy: Skip Engbloom doesn't call anybody bro. [laughs]

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