Sm?agol: Master! Master looks after us. Master wouldn't hurt us...
Gollum: Master broke his promise.
Sm?agol: Don't ask Sm?agol. Poor, poor Sm?agol...
Gollum: Master betrayed us! Wicked, tricksy, false! We ought to wring his filthy little neck. Kill him! Kill him! Kill them both. And then we takes the precious... and we be the master!
Sm?agol: The fat hobbit, he knows. Eyes always watching.
Gollum: Then we stabs them out. Put out his eyeses! Make him crawl!
Sm?agol: Yes! Yes! Yes!
Gollum: Kill them both.
Sm?agol: Yes!... No, no! It's too risky, it's too risky.
Gollum: We could let her do it.
Sm?agol: Yes. She could do it.
Gollum: Yes, Precious, she could. And then we takes it once they're dead!
Sm?agol: Once they're dead.
Gollum: Shh...
[Sm?agol reveals himself for the hobbits]
Sm?agol: Come on, hobbits! Long ways to go yet. Sm?agol will show you the way.
Gollum: Follow me.
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