[(From the extended edition) Faramir remembers when he last saw his brother, Boromir] Gondor soldiers: Boromir! Boromir!
Boromir: [Raises the Banner of the White Tower and draws his sword] This city was once the jewel of our kingdom! A place of light, and beauty, and music. And so it shall be once more! [the soldiers cheer] Let the armies of Mordor know this: Never again, will the land of my people fall into enemy hands! [the soldiers continue to cheer] The city of Osgiliath, has been reclaimed, for Gondor!
Gondor Soldiers: For Gondor!
Boromir: For Gondor!
Gondor Soldiers: For Gondor!
Boromir: For Gondor! [Faramir meets Boromir, and the two embrace]
Faramir: Good speech. Nice and short.
Boromir: Leaves more time for drinking! [Both laugh] Break out the ale! These men are thirsty! [This gives a huge cheer from the men - Boromir fills two mugs with ale, and hands one to Faramir] Remember today, little brother. Today, life is good. [Sees Faramir looking over his shoulder] What?
Faramir: He's here. [Boromir turns to see Denethor congratulating the men]
Boromir: One moment of peace, can he no give us that?
Denethor: Where is he? Where is Gondor's finest? Where is my first born?
Boromir: [Turns round, reluctantly] Father! [They embrace]
Denethor: They say you vanquished the enemy almost single handedly!
Boromir: They exaggerate. The victory belongs to Faramir also.
Denethor: [bitterly] But for Faramir this city would still be standing. Were you not entruseted to guard it?
Faramir: I would have, but our numbers were too few.
Denethor: Oh, too few. Always you cast poor reflection on me.
Faramir: That is not my intent.
Boromir: [To Denethor] You give him no credit and yet he tries to do you good. [The two draw aside] He loves you father!
Denethor: Do not trouble me with Faramir. I know his uses, and they are few. We have more pressing matters at hand. Elrond of Rivendell has called a meeting. Though he has not said I have guessed its purpose. It is rumoured that the weapon of the enemy has been found.
Boromir: The One Ring? Islidur's bane!
Denethor: And it has fallen into the hands of the Elves. Everyone will try to claim it. Elves, Dwarves, wizards. This thing must come to Gondor [Boromir looks uncertain] It's dangerous, I know. Every the ring will try to corrupt the hearts of lesser men, but you, you are strong. It is our blood that is being spilt. Our people who are dying. Bring me this mighty gift.
Boromir: No. My place is here with my people, not in Rivendell!
Denethor: Would you deny your own father?
Faramir: If there is need to go to Rivendell, send me instead.
Denethor: Oh yes. A chance for Faramir, Captain of Gondor to show his quality. I think not. I trust this mission only to your brother. The one who will not fail me.
[Boromir (in his clothing from The Fellowship of the Ring) looks longingly at the Banner of the White Tower, and turns to his brother] Boromir: Remember today, little brother. [Rides away]
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