Gollum: So bright... So beautiful... Ah, Precious...
Frodo: What did you say?
Gollum: Master should be resting. Master needs to keep up his strength.
Frodo: [approaches him] Who are you?
Gollum: Mustn't ask us, not it's business. Gollum, gollum.
Frodo: Gandalf told me you were one of the River-folk.
Gollum: [muttering to himself] "Cold be heart and hand and bone. Cold be travelers far from home."
Frodo: He said your life was a sad story.
Gollum: "They do not see what lies ahead, when Sun has failed and Moon is dead."
Frodo: You were not so very different from a Hobbit once, were you... Smèagol?
Gollum: [looks up] ...What did you call me?
Frodo: That was your name once, wasn't it? A long time ago.
Gollum: My name? My name... Smèagol.
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