Sam: There are dead things... dead faces in the water!
Gollum: All dead. All rotten. Elves, and Men, and Orcses. A great battle long ago... The Dead Marshes. Yes, yes, that is the name! This way. Don't follow the lights.
[Sam slips and almost ends up in the water]
Gollum: Careful now! Or hobbits go down to join the Dead Ones, and light little candles of their own.
[While they continue to walk, Frodo stops to look at one of the bodies. He looks down at a dead elf. The elf's eyes suddenly open, and Frodo falls face forward into the marshes. When he comes to, horrid looking ghosts are reaching for him. Gollum barely manages to pull him out.]
Frodo: ... Gollum?
Gollum: [more firmly] Don't follow the lights!
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