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Pippin: [checking his livery] So I imagine this is just a ceremonial position. I mean, they don't expect me to do any fighting? Do they?
Gandalf: Your in the service of the Steward now, you'll have to do as your told, Peregrin Took! [to himself] Ridiculous hobbit...! [coughs] Guard of the Citadel...!
Pippin: There's no more stars. Is it time?
Gandalf: Yes.
Pippin: It's so quiet...
Gandalf: It's the deep breath before the plunge.
Pippin: I don't want to be in a battle. But waiting on the edge of one I can't escape is even worse. Is there any hope, Gandalf? For Frodo and Sam?
Gandalf: There never was much hope. Just a fool's hope. [pauses and looks out at Mordor] Our enemy is ready, his full strength gathered. Not only orcs, but men as well. Legions of Haradrim from the south, mercenaries from the coast, all shall answer Mordor's call. This will be the end of Gondor as we know it. Here the hammer stroke will fall hardest. If the river is taken - if the garrison at Osgiliath falls - the last defense of this city will be gone.
Pippin: But we have the White Wizard. That's got to count for something.
Gandalf: Sauron has yet to reveal his deadliest servant - the one who will lead Mordor's armies in war. The one they say no living man can kill. The Witch-king of Angmar. You've met him before. He stabbed Frodo on Weathertop. He is the Lord of the Nazgûl; the greatest of the Nine. Minas Morgul is his lair.
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