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Saruman: You have fought many wars and slain many men, Th?oden King, and made peace afterwards. Can we not take counsel together as we once did? Can we not have peace?
[everyone looks expectantly at Th?oden]
Th?oden: We shall have peace. [looks up and glares at Saruman] We shall have peace - when you answer for the burning of the Westfold, and the children that lie dead there! We shall have peace - when the lives of men whose bodies were hewn even as they lay dead against the gates of the Hornburg, are avenged! When you hang from a gibbet for the sport of your own crows - we shall have peace!
Saruman: [notably angered] Gibbets and crows...! Dotard! [calms and turns to Gandalf] And what do you want, Gandalf Greyhame? Let me guess - the key of Orthanc, or perhaps the keys of Barad-dûr itself; along with the crowns of the seven kings and the rods of the five wizards!
Gandalf: Your treachery has already cost many lives; thousands more are now at risk. But you could save them, Saruman. You are deep in the enemy's counsel.
Saruman: So you have come here for information. I have some for you. [He pulls the palantir from his robes and gazes into it.] Something festers in the heart of Middle-earth, something you have failed to see. But the Great Eye has seen it. Even now he presses his advantage. His attack will come soon. [smugly] You're all going to die. But you know this, don't you, Gandalf? You cannot think that this Ranger will ever sit upon the throne of Gondor. This exile, crept from the shadows will never be crowned king. Gandalf does not hesitate to sacrifice those closest to him, those he professes to love. Tell me, what words of comfort did you give the Halfling, before you sent him to his doom? The path that you have set him on can only lead to death.
Gimli: I've heard enough! [to Legolas] Shoot him! Stick an arrow in his gob!
Gandalf: No. Come down, Saruman, and your life will be spared.
Saruman: Save your pity and your mercy! I have no use for it! [hurls a fireball at Gandalf, who is completely unaffected]
Gandalf: Saruman, your staff is broken! [it is so]
Th?oden: [to Gríma] Gríma! You need not follow him. You were not always as you are now. You were once a man of Rohan. Come down!
Saruman: [with contempt] A man... of Rohan? What is the house of Rohan, but a thatched barn where brigands drink in the reek and their brats roll on the floor with the dogs?! The victory at Helm's Deep does not belong to you, Th?oden Horsemaster. You are a lesser son of greater sires.
Th?oden: Gríma, come down! Be free of him!
Saruman: Free? He will never be free.
Gríma: No.
Saruman: Get down, cur! [hits Gríma in the face and knocks him down]
Gandalf: Saruman! You were deep in the enemy's counsel. Tell us what you know.
[Wormtongue pulls out his knife.]
Saruman: You withdraw your guard, and I will tell you where your doom will be decided. I will not be held prisoner here!
[Wormtongue stabs Saruman in the back. Legolas shoots Wormtongue and he falls back. Saruman falls from the tower and onto one of his machines, a spiked wheel.]
Gandalf: Send word to all our allies, and to every corner of Middle-earth that still stands free. The enemy moves against us. We need to know where he will strike.
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