Saruman the White (Extended edition only) quotes

[to Gandalf] What do you want Gandalf Greyhame? The key of Orthanc, or perhaps the key of Barad-Dur itself, along with the crowns of the seven kings, and the rods of the five wizards!

What is the house of Rohan, but a thatched barn where brigands drink in the reek, and their brats roll on the floor with the dogs?! The victory at Helm's Deep does not belong to you, Th?oden Horse-master! You are a lesser son of greater sires.

So you have come for information. I have some for you [gazes into the palantir] Something festers in the heart of Middle Earth. Something that you have failed to see. But the great eye has seen it. Even now, he presses his advantage. You are all going to die!

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