The Little Shop of Horrors

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Gravis Mushnick

Audrey Junior: I need some chow!

[shouting at Seymour, who has been singing off-camera] Shut up from the back!

[answering phone] Flowers, fresh as the springtime, Mushnik's.

[referring to the plant] It grows, like a cold sore from the lip.

Wilbur Force: No novocaine. It dulls the senses.

Burson Fouch: I'm just crazy about Kosher flowers!

Burson Fouch: Anyway, I've got to go home. My wife's making gardenias for dinner.

Seymour Krelboyne: [repeated line] I didn't mean it!

Seymour Krelboyne: [repeated line] Oh boy!

Audrey Junior: [repeated line] Feed me!

Dr. Farb: [after pulling out one of Seymour's teeth] Would you look at that, Seymour? I didn't know you were an elk!

Wilbur Force: [reading an article from "Pain" magazine in the waiting room of the dentist; giggling] The patient came to me with a large hole in his abdomen, caused by a fire poker used on him by his wife. He almost bled to death and gangrene had set in. I didn't give him much of a chance. There were other complications. The man had cancer, tuberculosis, leprosy, and a touch of the grippe. I decided to operate.

Det. Sgt. Joe Fink: Now we were on the case. Officer Frank Stoolie and me. My name is Fink. Sergeant Joe Fink. I'm a fink.

Seymour Krelboyne: Did you call me, Mr. Mushnick?
Gravis Mushnick: No, I was calling John D. Rockefeller for to make a loan on my Rolls Royce!
Seymour Krelboyne: Sorry I said it.

Burson Fouch: My name is Burson Fouch.
Gravis Mushnick: Excellent. I am Gravis Mushnick.
Burson Fouch: Oh, that's a good one.