The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea quotes

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Sebastian: Melody, child, how many times do I have to tell you?
Melody and Sebastian: It is expressly forbidden for you to be swimming...
Melody: ...beyond the safety of the sea wall.
Sebastian: ...beyond the safety of the sea wall.
Melody: Any such swimmin' is a reckless disregard of da rules. Don't you know?
[They are silent for a moment.]
Sebastian: Stop dat.
Melody: Oh, Sebastian, I can't help it. I just love the sea!

One minute you're on top, the next you're sushi. Now is that fair, I ask you?

STOP CRITICIZING ME! That's all my mother ever did was criticize me. It was always "Ursula this", or "Ursula that", or "Morgana, why can't you be more like your sister... URSULA!!"

Hungry? Afraid all I have is a cold plate.

(to Melody) You're not the only one with a mother who doesn't understand you. BELIEVE me.

Oh, wishes do come true. (to sky) SEE THAT, MA? WHO'S YOUR FAVOURITE NOW?!

"Sebastian, you watch over her," he said. I'M TOO OLD FOR THIS! A crab my age should be retired! Getting a tan! Playing sea golf! SIPPING A TUNA COLADA!! Not babysitting another teenager.

Make way, little mershrimp! I'm comin' through!

Louis: [chasing Sebastian] You're going in ze bouillabaise!
Ariel: I miss you, Daddy. I wish you could be right here with us.
Eric: You know these waters, and you know our daughter.
Melody: Grandfather this belongs to you.

Triton: [referring to Melody] Sebastian, you will watch over her.
Sebastian: Me? Aww!
[Sebastian falls off a rock into the sea.]

Melody: Hey, Scuttle! Hey, Sebastian! What's kickin'?
Scuttle: Uh, what's kickin'? Hmm... let me see. [he knocks on his head] Don't rush me!
Sebastian: Ha! You know perfectly well what's kicking!

Ariel: We'll be right down. Just give us two minutes.
Eric: Right, two... Now, where have I heard that line before?

Melody: What's wrong with me?
Ariel: Oh, nothing's wrong with you.
Melody: Mom, I'm the princess of disaster!
Ariel: Being a teenager is hard, and, uh, all kids your age feel... awkward, and...
Melody: [looking at her locket] "Melody?" My name's on here. [she opens it] That song. Where have I heard it? It's Atlantica, with merpeople and everything. Mother, you always said it was just an old fish tale! [Ariel snaps the locket shut]
Ariel: Where did you get this?
Melody: I... I found it.
Ariel: You went over the wall, didn't you?
Melody: Actually, I went under it. I HATE that stupid wall.
Ariel: Melody, you know you're not allowed in the sea.
Melody: But why? And why does that necklace have my name on it?
Ariel: Melody, listen to me.
Melody: You're hiding something from me.
Ariel: Y-you deliberately disobeyed me! I never want you going out there again, do you hear me? It's dangerous in the sea!
Melody: How would you know? You've never even been in it!

Tip: C'mon, Miss Popularity. We have a previous engagement, remember?
Merboy: Was that a... penguin?

Undertow: Grr.
Flounder: "Grr" yourself, pipsqueak.