Lethal Weapon 2

Lethal Weapon 2 quotes

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Leo Getz
Martin Riggs
Roger Murtaugh

[Repeated line:] Okay! Okay, okay, okay.

You're breathing, you're alive, you're not dead. No, don't die. You're not dead until I tell I tell you, you got that? You got that, Riggs? You're not dead until I tell you. You got that, Riggs! You're not dead until I tell you.

[While listening to a chase on the radio]
Tim Cavanaugh: Twenty bucks on Riggs and Murtaugh
Cop #2: Who's driving?
Captain Ed Murphy: Murtaugh. In his wife's station wagon.
Cop #2: I'll take that bet!
Tim Cavanaugh: I knew nothing about the wife's station wagon. Bet's off!
Captain Ed Murphy: Hey! Shut up!

Free South Africa, you dumb son of a bitch!

[To Rianne's boyfriend, George]
Roger Murtaugh: George.
George: Yes sir.
Roger Murtaugh: Home. Out.
George: But sir-
Roger Murtaugh: Geroge. I have a gun.
George: Yes sir. [He leaves.]

[While hanging onto the hood of a car] I'd like to see your driver's license and proof of insurance!

I remember, because nine is my lucky number

They've been de-kaffir-nated

We're back, we're bad. You're black, 'm mad. Let's go!

No, man. I didn't die on your toilet, 'm not gonna die in your arms.

[Injured, being held by Murtaugh, he hears sirens approaching] Give us a kiss before they come.

Of course 'm black. That's why I wanna go to South Africa. To join up with my oppressed brothers. To take up the struggle against the tyranny of the racist, fascist, white, minority regime!

Don't bother to call the police, 'm here already.