(As L?on and Mathilda enter hotel lobby, the desk clerk looks disapprovingly at the violin case they're carrying)
Hotel Clerk: You expect to use that in this hotel?
Mathilda: Mister -- I have to use it... because I have an audition at Juilliard next month, and I have to practice.
Clerk: Okay, okay, okay -- but not after ten.
Mathilda: Okay, I promise.
Clerk: All right. I'll put you at the end of the hall so you don't disturb anyone. (He sets some forms in front of L?on.) Fill those out, please.
Mathilda: Oh, um... Daddy, can I please fill them out? You know how I like to check into hotels. (L?on nods.) Thanks, Pop! (to Clerk) I'll bring these back in a minute.
Clerk: Uh... fourth floor.
Mathilda (running up stairway): Thanks, mister!
Clerk (to L?on): You're lucky to have a little girl who's interested in things. I got a kid, seventeen, does nothing all day long.
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