Lando (Mathilda's father): I don't know what happened. What's my job? I'm a holder. I don't look at it, I don't touch it -- I don't even know how to cut it.
Malky: Try to follow me, all right? In June, we give you the dope. It tests a hundred percent pure. Now it's July, we pick up the dope, and it tests ninety percent pure. Now somewhere between June and July, ten percent turned to cut!
Lando: I don't know -- it's none of my business. You give me the stuff, I hold the stuff. That's all I know.
Malky: Look -- you know, I'm trying to help you out here. But, you know, if you're gonna be a hard-ass about it, I gotta disturb him. (he points at Stansfield) Let me tell you, when he's into his music, he hates being disturbed.
Lando: I'm telling you the truth!
Malky: I hope so, because he's got a talent for sniffin' out a lie. It's scary. It's almost like a sixth sense. Are you gonna change your tune, or I gotta bust into his?
Lando: I'm telling you the truth.
Malky: (sighs) All right. (to Stansfield) Stan, uh... sorry. He says he didn't cut the dope.
Stansfield: Oh. (he approaches Lando and sniffs the air around him for several minutes) Of course he didn't. Just do me a favor. Find out who did by tomorrow -- noon.
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