The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen quotes

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Allan Quartermain
Dorian Gray
Dr. Henry Jekyll
Edward Hyde
M/The Phantom
Mina Harker
Rodney Skinner
Tom Sawyer

[to Mina after impaling her] I was hoping I'd get to nail you one last time...I didn't think it'd be literally.

We can do it Henry, together.

Dr. Jekyll, at your service sir.

[As reflection, to Hyde] Bravo Edward.

[Mina has stabbed him in the groin] If that had been permanent, I would have been very upset.

[teaching Tom to shoot] Take your time. [Tom shoots and misses] Too soon, but that was bloody close.

Oh, chemist, eh? Do we get to blow something up, then?

[after having to put his glasses on before shooting someone] I hate getting old.

[to Tom, as he's dying] May this new century be yours, son, as the old one was mine.