The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen quotes

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Allan Quartermain
Dorian Gray
Dr. Henry Jekyll
Edward Hyde
M/The Phantom
Mina Harker
Rodney Skinner
Tom Sawyer

We can do it Henry, together.

[To Sawyer after he claims not to be afraid] YOU STINK OF FEAR!

Oh, chemist, eh? Do we get to blow something up, then?

[after groping Mina] Been wanting to do that all week.

[A note from the Nautili] 'Ello, my freaky darlings.

I've lived long enough to see the future become history, Professor. Empires crumble. There are no exceptions.

I'm an immortal, sir, not a gazelle!

Sensors attached-to bombs. Bomb voyage.

[to Mina after impaling her] I was hoping I'd get to nail you one last time...I didn't think it'd be literally.

[Fighting Mina, who is also immortal] We'll be at this all day.

[Mina has stabbed him in the groin] If that had been permanent, I would have been very upset.

[to Gray] You think you're better than me. You forget: I've seen your painting.

Karl Draper: (in German) What do you want?
The Phantom: The world, Herr Draper. I want the world.
[The Phantom is thrown a rocket launcher by one of his men]
Karl Draper: Are you crazy? This place is full of hydrogen gas!
The Phantom: Really? That's so frightening. [Fires the rocket at a zeppelin]

[After Allan reveals his identity to Reed]
Nigel: Shall I toddle off, then, Allan?
Allan Quatermain: Yes, of course, Nigel, toddle off.
Nigel: Toddling.

Sanderson Reed: [War with] Everyone. A world war.
Allan Quatermain: And this notion makes you sweat?
Sanderson Reen: Heavens, man. Doesn't it you?
Allan Quatermain: This is Africa, dear boy. Sweating is what we do.