Det. Lt. Mark McPherson quotes

When a dame gets killed, she doesn't worry about how she looks.

[to Laura] If anything should happen to you this time, I wouldn't like it.

Dames are always pulling a switch on you.

[to Shelby] You took that poor girl in Miss Hunt's apartment. You knew all along it was she who was murdered. Didn't you know Laura Hunt would come back any day and spill the whole thing? Or did you plan to kill her too and hide the body someplace and cover up your first crime?...You took a bottle of Black Pony to her house Friday night...Where's the key to her apartment?

[on the phone] Don't worry. I told you I'd bring in the killer today. Yeah, I was just gonna make the arrest when you called. No, I can't tell you now. I'm not alone. You'll see when I come in.

[to Laura] I was 99% certain about you. But I had to get rid of that 1% doubt...I'd reached the point where I needed official surroundings.

[to Laura] The doorbell rang and Diane Redfern went to the door in your negligee. She opened the door. The room was dark. Waldo saw a girl standing there and he assumed it was you. He figured that if he couldn't have you himself, he was gonna make sure that nobody else did, so he let her have it with both barrels right in the face. She fell here. Waldo heard Shelby running from the next room so he hid in the stairway outside. Shelby was scared so he ran out as fast as he could. Then Waldo came back and placed the gun in that clock.

[to Laura] For a charming, intelligent girl, you certainly surrounded yourself with a remarkable collection of dopes.

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