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Katsumoto and Algren
Multiple Characters
Nathan Algren

Omura: Katsumoto is an extraordinary man, is he not?
Algren: He is a tribal leader. I've known many of them.
Omura: But none who is samurai. Their ways have greater appeal.

Colonel Bagley: The attack has been stopped.
Omura: Send in rest of the regiment.

Omura: What is this? Cannon, prepare to fire. This is madness. He is going to attack?
Colonel Bagley: Yes.
Omura: He is defeated, he must accept his shame. Kill him, all of them, now!

Zebulon Gant [to Japanese recruits]: Alright, you little bastards! You will stand up straight or I will personally shit kick every Far Eastern buttock that appear before my eyes!
Nathan Algren: Well done, Sergeant!
Zebulon Gant: When you understand the language, sir, everything falls into place.

[speaking with the Silent Samurai, after being beaten to the ground by Uijo] I just realized, I've been remiss. Forgive me, I forgot to thank you for looking out for me yesterday. That is your job, correct? Protecting me. Well done 'Bob.' You don't mind if I call you Bob, do you? I knew a Bob once; God, he was ugly as a mule. Are you a ladies man, Bob?

[kneeling in front of Emperor] If you believe me to be your enemy, command me, and I will gladly take my life.

We must resist the Western powers by becoming powerful ourselves. Our army and our economy must be strong.

Many of our customs seem strange to you. And the same is true of yours. For example, not to introduce yourself is considered extremely rude, even among enemies.

I have introduced myself. You have introduced yourself. This is a very good conversation.

My thanks, on behalf of those who died in the name of better mechanical amusements and commercial opportunities.

[to the Silent Samurai] I know why you don't talk. You're angry. You're angry because they make you wear a dress.

[giving Algren his staff before leaving the samurai village] When I took these from you, you were my enemy...

Bring out the new gun!.. Quickly!.. Quickly!.. Fire!.. Idiots, keep on firing! Kill Katsumoto and kill the American!

If Katsumoto attracts other samurai to his cause, we will have 10 years of rebellion. This is something I will not allow. Either I will stop him at the council today or you will lead my army against him. And with these new weapons, you will crush him.