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Kathy Morgan: Mommy, where are you? Mommy, I can't see.

Ben Cortman: Morgan, come out!

Virginia Morgan: [Virginia has become a vampire] Let... me... in.

Ruth Collins: But *you* lived through all this. Do you know why?

Robert Morgan: Perhaps I was chosen.

Ben Cortman: There are stories being told, Bob.

Robert Morgan: By people who are out of their minds with fear.

Ben Cortman: Maybe. But there are too many to be just coincidental. Stories about people who have died and have come back.

Robert Morgan: They're stories Ben, stories.

Ben Cortman: You're whistling past a graveyard.

Robert Morgan: Is that a commentary on my work at the lab?

Ben Cortman: Who is it?

Robert Morgan: It's me, Ben! We're late!

[Ben answers the door]

Robert Morgan: Ben, what's the matter with you?

Ben Cortman: Nothing and I'm going to keep it that way.

Robert Morgan: Ben, look, let's talk about this.

Ben Cortman: There's nothing to talk about. You think I'm out of my mind. You laughed at me and my theory. You might be one of them.

Robert Morgan: Ben, look, you're ill. You ought to see a doctor.

Ben Cortman: No doctors! You take care of your life, I'll take care of mine. Now get away from here. You understand, get away from here!

Robert Morgan: [slams the door]

Dr. Mercer: You're the only one who wasn't afraid to come here today.

Robert Morgan: What's going to happen, Dr. Mercer? Is everybody in the world going to die before someone finds the answer?

Dr. Mercer: No, I don't think so. I don't deny there's some strange evolutionary process going on, but mankind won't be destroyed. The fact that you and I are working here today is evidence of that.

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