Charles: I think that if there's one time in your life to be careful, to weigh every pro and con, that this is the time.
Eve: Oh yes, you, you can't be too careful.
Charles: That's right. Now, you might think that having known you such a short time...
Eve: I-I feel I've known you always.
Charles: That's the way I feel about you. I don't just see you here in front of the sunset. But you seem to go way back. I see you here but at the same time, further away and still further away, and way, way back in a, a long place like a...
Eve: Like a forest glade.
Charles: That's right. How did you guess?
Eve: Because, that's where I see you always. We held hands, way, way back.
Charles: Why, that's remarkable. That's like telepathy.
Eve: I can read many of your thoughts.
Charles: Then, I need hardly tell you of the doubts I've had before I brought myself to speak like this. You see Eve, you're so beautiful, you're so fine, you're so...I don't deserve you.
Eve: Oh but you do, Charles. If anybody ever deserved me, you do. So richly.
Charles: Eve!
Eve: Charles!
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