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The Beast

Axe Gang Advisor: Lets kill them all and make this place a brothel!

Axe Gang Advisor: So that makes you the best killers in circulation, right?
Harpist #1: In actuality, we are just a pair of street musicians.

Barber: Why don't you train us to be top fighters... and we'll avenge them!
Landlady: Becoming a top fighter takes time, unless you're a natural-born kung-fu genius, and they're 1 in a million.
Barber: [Doing martial arts routine] It's obvious I'm the one!
Landlady: [Punches him in the face, knocking him to the floor] Don't think so.

Bone: Memories can be painful. To forget may be a blessing!
Sing: [amazed] I never knew you were so deep.

Bone: You gave him your life savings?
Sing: Yes. I was saving to become a doctor or lawyer... but this was world peace.

Brother Sum: Ever killed anyone?
Sing: I've always thought about it.

Donut: [in English] What are you prepared to do?
Landlord: We can't understand what you're saying!

Sing: [feelingly] I realized then that good guys never win. I want to be bad. I want to be a ruthless killer!
Bone: [looks up] Ice cream!
[He leaves]
Sing: Where?
[He follows]

The Beast: What awesome kung fu was that?
Sing: You wanna learn? I will teach you!

Don't get me wrong! I only want to kill you, or be killed by you.

How come you became righteous? Have you anything to say? [Sing draws a stick of candy on the ground with his blood] I can't read it, it's not in Chinese!

In the world of kung fu, speed defines the winner.

It's just a title.(Refering to the name The Beast)

This doesn't make any sense at all.

You may know kung fu... but you're still a fairy.