Pupkin: All I'm asking is fifteen minutes. That's all. Just long enough to listen to my act. Is that asking too much -- fifteen minutes of your day against my whole life?
Langford: I'll call the police if I have to... I have my own life, that's all.
Pupkin: But what about me, Jerry? What about my life? I made plans -- based on what you said. You can't just turn your back on me.
Langford: I'm not telling you again.
Pupkin: So this is the way it works when you're big, huh? You just play with people. Is that part of the kick, Jerry? I can see I was all wrong about you. All wrong.
Rita: Come on, Rupert.
Pupkin: Shut up! You weren't my friend at all, were you? You were just playing some kind of game with me. Well, that's not going to stop me, Jerry. I'm just going to work a little bit harder, that's all, use a little bit more enterprise. And not count on anybody. That's where I made my mistake. I can see that now.
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