Pupkin: [after Cathy has rejected his request to appear on Langford's show] May I ask you a question, Miss Long?
Cathy Long: Of course.
Pupkin: Are you speaking for Jerry?
Cathy Long: Let's put it this way, Mr. Pupkin. Mr. Langford has complete faith in our judgment.
Pupkin: I'm sorry to have to say this, Miss Long, and I certainly don't want you to take it personally, but I have to tell you that I don't ... I don't have faith in your judgment.
Cathy Long Well, I'm sorry you feel that way, Mr. Pupkin. But I'm afraid there's nothing that can be done about that.
Pupkin: No ... No ... I'm afraid I'll have to disagree with you again.
Cathy Long: That's your privilege, Mr. Pupkin. Now, if you'll excuse me, please, I have some things to do. I'm sorry the news isn't better.
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