Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Killer Klowns from Outer Space quotes

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Farmer Gene Green

[to his dog, after finding the big top in the woods] Look Pooh, I love the circus. Maybe we can get some free passes.

[after just witnessing the blinding light] Did you see that little ole sky doggie zip down there Pooh?

Well I'll be greased and fried!

Well I'll be hornswaggled!

What in the blue blazes is the circus doing here in these parts?

I don't know Pooh, you know there's something kinda peculiar around here.

Where's my dog?! Where's my Pooh Bear?!

Where's the dang ticket booth?

[Discovering Pooh has been dognapped] What in tarnation is going on here!

Curtis Mooney: They took your wife away in a balloon? Well you don't need the police, pal, you need a psychiatrist!

Curtis Mooney: I made it through Korea I can make it through this bullshit!

Amusement Park Guard: What are ya gonna do with those pies, boys?

Paul Terenzi: [as Jo-Jo The Ice Cream Clown] I'm Jo-Jo the ice cream clown, we'll give you a stick, you'll give it a lick. And it'll tickle you all the way down. Ice cream, ice cream, we brought our goodies here to you! A tasty treat for while you screw! Let's take a break! Cool off those hot lips with our frozen fruity bars! Icy-wicy, fudgy-wudgy bars. And everyone's frozen delight, the lick a stick!

Debbie Stone: Nobody's gonna put me in a balloon again!

[Watching the stars, suddenly a bright light appears and disappears]
Mike Tobacco: Did you see that?
Debbie Stone: Yeah I saw that! That was incredible!