The Karate Kid, Part III

The Karate Kid, Part III quotes

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Main cast
Mike Barnes
Mr. Kesuke Miyagi
Terry Silver

Ralph Macchio - Daniel LaRusso

Randee Heller - Lucille LaRusso

Robyn Lively - Jessica Andrews

Thomas Ian Griffith - Terry Silver

[after Terry Silver met Mike Barnes] Terry Silver: So what do you think?
Margaret: Oh, he's obnoxious.
Terry Silver: [laughing] Yeah. He's perfect.
[relaxes into bubble bath]

[Cobras are leaving Daniel/Jessica stranded on ropes] Daniel Larusso: Hey!
Snake: Yes, sweetheart?
Daniel Larusso: Pull us up, man!
Mike Barnes: The stakes just went up. Give us the tree.
Jessica Andrews: No, Daniel, don't!
Daniel Larusso: [does anyway] All right, but just be careful.
Dennis: [laughing evilly] What are you going to do with it?
Snake: Replant it.
[raises it and acts like he's gonna thrust it in the canyon] Snake: Down there!
Daniel Larusso: NO!
Jessica Andrews: NO!
Mike Barnes: [disgusted] Enough talk. Give me the tree!
[takes it] Mike Barnes: Okay. Now you want it, right?
Daniel Larusso: Yes!
Jessica Andrews: Yes!
Mike Barnes: And you don't want me to replant down there?
Daniel Larusso: Yes.
Jessica Andrews: Yes.
Mike Barnes: Hey, Daniel.
[breaks the trunk of the tree] Mike Barnes: Make a wish.
[goes off laughing very hard with Dennis and Snake] Daniel Larusso: [looks at the injured tree very heart broken]

[entering the Bonsai Shop] "Room for one more down there?"

[in Semi-Final fight, winning 2-0]

[Miyagi stares wistfully at a picture of him and Daniel together] "Hope confusion end soon, Daniel-san. Miyagi heart empty without you."

[sees Daniel] "You're next LaRusso! I own your ass." [with that he finishes his opponent off] "Remember on the phone, when you said if I come down here and beat this LaRusso kid in the All-Valley Tournament, that you'd give me 25 percent ownership of your new dojos? Well, I've been giving it some thought. To perform my best, which is what I want to do, I'm afraid I'm gonna need 50 percent."

[watching Barnes fighting Daniel] "I love it when he pounds him!"

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