Daniel LaRusso: Hey, what's this? What's Sato doing here?
Mr. Kesuke Miyagi: Don't know.
[Sato gets out, dressed in a foreman's outfit]
Sato: I come help rebuild. Here deed to village. [bows low] Forgive me. I beg of you.
Mr. Kesuke Miyagi: [claps Sato on the shoulder] Oh, Sato, nothing to forgive.
[Daniel and Kumiko approach Sato]
Daniel LaRusso: Mr. Sato? Can I say something? Well, the Obon's coming up, and they really can't have it in the village dance now...
Sato: What do you ask of me?
Daniel LaRusso: Well, can they have it in the castle? I mean that's where it really belongs, isn't it?
Sato: [smiles to Miyagi] Your student become my teacher. [shouts] Obon will be held in castle, now and forever!
[Cheering. Daniel and Sato shake hands]
Sato: One condition: you dance with us. Okay?
Daniel LaRusso: Okay.
Mr. Kesuke Miyagi: [puts his hand on theirs] Okay.
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