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Jude Fawley
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Sue Bridehead

[last lines] We are man and wife, if ever were two people on this earth.

Sue Bridehead: Why are you looking at me like that?
Jude Fawley: Does it scare you?
Sue Bridehead: No. I am not afraid of any man.
Jude Fawley: Why?
Sue Bridehead: Because no man would touch a woman unless she gives him a reason to. A touch or a look that say come on. If you never look, they'll never come. You are the timid sex.

Sue Bridehead: Do I irritate you?
Jude Fawley: No.
Sue Bridehead: Even though I'm always trying to prove how cleverer tham you I am.
Jude Fawley: You are!
Sue Bridehead: Don't say that!
Jude Fawley: Why not?
Sue Bridehead: Because it's not the sort of thing you should admit to!
Jude Fawley: Even if it's true?

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They locked me up for being out with you, so I jumped out of the window, climbed over a fence, crossed the deepest river in England and here I am!

[Sue has just spurned Jude again] Promise me you'll never stop trying.

Please don't call me a clever girl, Mr Phillotson, there are too many of us these days.

Haven't we been punished enough?

It's right that I suffer.

Sue Bridehead: I would have liked to have talked with her before she died.
Jude Fawley: She would have enjoyed that.
Sue Bridehead: What did she say?
Jude Fawley: She said we both make bad husbands and wives.