Josie and the Pussycats

Josie and the Pussycats quotes

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Alan M. Mayberry
Alexander Cabot III
Alexandra Cabot
Josie James
Melody Valentine
Valerie Brown

(repeated line) Help!

Be careful with that sleep gun.

Yikes! The floor's moving.

(whispering) Psst. Gang, I found the conveyor belt to the storeroom.

It looks like our plan wasn't at all that it was "quacked" up to be.

How would you like a suitase sombrero, you good-for-nothing feline?

One of these days, I'm gonna put a zipper on your lip.

What's this all about? I demand an explanation!

I did it so I could bounce Josie away from Alan.

Almost is not good enough!

Are you beanbags trying to escape, or take inventory?

This will make me even more alluring to Alan.

You mean, the real one?

(repeated line) Let's split.

We gotta find a way out of this hilltop hacienda.