Jack Ruby: Mr. Chief Justice, do you understand that I can't tell the truth in Dallas? There are people here who do not want me to tell the truth. Who don't want me to have a retrial?
Earl Warren: Why don't you just tell us now?
Jack Ruby: My life is in danger! If you request that I go to Washington.... That is, if you want to hear further testimony from me. Can you take me with you?
Earl Warren: No. It can't be done. There would be no safe place for you. We're not law-enforcement officers.
Jack Ruby: There's a great deal at stake in this matter. If I'm eliminated there won't be any way of knowing any bit of truth pertaining to my situation. Consequently, a whole new form of government will take over. And I won't live to see you some other time. I want to tell the truth. And then leave this world.
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