Bill Broussard: I'm lost. What are we saying?
Jim Garrison: That when Oswald went to Russia, he was not a real defector. He was an intelligence agent for our government and remained one till he died.
Bill Broussard: So, because Oswald pulled the trigger the intelligence community murdered the President?
Jim Garrison: I'll go you one better. Maybe Oswald didn't pull the trigger. Nitrate tests indicate he hadn't fired a rifle on November 22. And they didn't bother to see if the rifle'd been fired that day.
Bill Broussard: His palm print was on it.
Jim Garrison: It went to the FBI. FBI didn't find a goddamn thing. It comes back a week later and a Dallas policeman suddenly finds a palm print? It could've been taken at the morgue. There's no chain of evidence.
Al Oser: I can't figure out why he orders a traceable weapon to a P.O. box, when he can go into any store in Texas give a phony name and walk out with an untraceable rifle.
Susie Cox: To frame him, obviously!
Jim Garrison: A lot of smoke, but some fire.
Bill Broussard: We're talking about our government!
Jim Garrison: We're talking about a crime. You must think on a different level, like the CIA does. We're through the looking glass. White is black. And black is white. Maybe Oswald is just what he said he was. A patsy.
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